Residents at the Foundation have been assisted in securing a wide variety of employment opportunities. Utilizing program and community resources, resident job matches are developed and maintained with the assistance from FIL’s Employment Specialist. This ensures successful matches, job support groups and liaison support between the resident, employer and program. This continued support lasts for the length of the resident’s employment.

At The Foundation for Independent Living our Vocational Department Employment Specialist works with each resident individually to find not just a job but a job our resident enjoys and wants to be successful at. Our Employment Specialist evaluates each resident one on one to construct their Individual Placement Plan (IPP).  The IPP not only includes work history, and education, but it includes resident hobbies and what they would like to do.

Our goal is to seek a job that works for our specific resident so they have a job they will enjoy doing. From residents that have never worked to those that have held several jobs everyone gets an opportunity to work with our Employment Specialist.  Residents work on employment seeking skills from writing a resume, to picking up applications, and answering interview questions.  They work on communication skills, work relationship skills, and hands on skills for all possible positions.

Our Employment Specialist is with them every step of the way in guiding our residents to the right fit.  Once a resident is hired our Employment Specialist completes on site employment checks to make sure everything is working out the way it should. Each resident is taken care of anyway needed from onsite training, to scheduling needs, and transportation. Our Vocational Department also works with our families to maintain the boundaries of social security disability income, and with keeping up with the ever changing guidelines as well.

Resident placements include:
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Public libraries
  • Day care facilities
  • Grocery stores
  • Produce suppliers
  • Veterinarian clinics
  • Beauty salons
  • Retail stores

The Day Center

Here at The Foundation for Independent Living, we operate under the philosophy that each of our residents will have a purpose each and every morning they wake up. Although many of our individuals are placed within the community, either competitively or in a volunteering role, we do recognize that not every resident has the desire to work. This is where the Day Center comes into play. The Day Center is located approximately three to four miles Northeast of our primary community center/clubhouse.

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Achieve Independence

The Foundation for Independent Living is a unique and rewarding opportunity for residents to achieve their highest level of independence:

  • Created by parents
  • Offered to adults at Borderline level
  • Luxury apartment setting
  • Meets lifelong needs
  • Non-Profit residential program
  • On-Site Staff