Since 1985, the Foundation for Independent Living (FIL) has focused on helping support individuals with disabilities gain the skills needed to live in an integrated community setting. At FIL, residents enjoy their own furnished apartment at Cypress Shores Apartments ( with close access to shopping, restaurants, parks, and many cultural activities. FIL supports residents as they develop skills needed to live in an integrated community setting…independently!

  • Potential FIL residents are adults over the age of 18 with cognitive disabilities and
    developmental delays, who want to live meaningful and fulfilling lives in a unique
    residential setting.
  • Programming reflects FIL’s dedication to fostering independence, a sense of community,
    and personal fulfillment.
  • Please note that FIL is private pay only. We do not accept insurance, Medicaid, etc.

Your Future Apartment!

(1 bedroom/1 bathroom shown for illustration purposes only)

Our Admissions Process

The initial inquiry can be completed by phone, Zoom or in person. Currently this conversation is with FIL’s Executive Director, Mark Jacoby. The initial inquiry will give FIL an opportunity to outline more fully what the program offers, as well as get a better understanding of who the prospective resident is – what their likes are, what are their interests, and any challenges they may face. If the prospective resident appears to be a fit, the next step will be a tour of FIL.

This is the opportunity for the prospective resident and family to really get to know FIL. They will meet with staff and current residents, as well as see our programs in action and tour an apartment at Cypress Shores. It is recommended that the prospective resident attend the tour to allow for a further assessment on compatibility by a FIL employee. If unable to attend, a second tour should be scheduled with the family and the prospective resident.

Prior to moving forward to a Trial Stay, the family, guardian, and individual will receive a copy of the application for completion. All supplementary documentation must be provided prior to moving onto the next step. The prospective resident’s application and supporting documents will be reviewed by the Leadership and Medical Teams of FIL.

Some prospective residents find it helpful to meet a few of the current residents prior to their stay. This is not mandatory, but we do offer it to everyone.

The prospective resident stays at FIL for one or two nights to fully experience the program before making a final decision. During the prospective residents time at FIL, they will stay in an apartment at Cypress Shores (with either staff or a Resident Ambassador), partake in our Healthy Café meal program, and participate in all of the amazing activities and programs going on. At the completion of the Trial Stay, both the resident and their family, as well as FIL, will discuss how the stay went and if there is a desire to move forward.

FIL, the prospective resident, and the family will meet (typically via Zoom) to discuss how the stay went and if FIL is a fit. This is where the final decision is made for someone to join FIL.

Once the decision has been finalized that someone is going to join FIL’s community, a series of Transition Meetings will take place in order to ensure success from day one. These can include any or all of the following:

  • Admissions meeting
  • Meet and Greet with the Residents RSP
  • Meet with FIL’s Employment Specialist (if the individual is interested in employment)
  • Financial meeting – Typically this is with the family
This is it! The big day. The resident and his or her family will move the resident’s belongings in and FIL staff will be there to assist every step of the way.

Monthly Room & Board

$ 5,500-6,000 Approximate
  • Choice of a one- or two-bedroom apartment*
  • Access to Healthy Café meal plan (additional cost)
  • Access to FIL’s fitness center
  • Participation in FIL’s daily enrichment programs
  • Transportation to FIL activities.
  • Transportation to work where feasible.
  • Employment readiness, support & coaching
  • 24/7 staff support (not supervision)
  • Group outings
  • Trips to nearby cultural events
  • FIL sponsored events

The Foundation for Independent Living is NOT Appropriate for All Individuals

FIL is not appropriate for individuals who have a psychiatric or serious emotional disturbance that impacts behavior and/or have serious medical conditions that require daily or weekly monitoring or intervention. FIL is an integrated community-based program, and while we do have staff who live on site, we do not offer 24-hour supervision. Individual safety and dignity are FIL’s priority, but residents will be working and living in the community. Our residents are allowed to make decisions that affect all aspects of their lives, all of which creates a level of risk inherent to this philosophy and approach.

Please note that FIL is private pay only. We do not accept insurance, Medicaid, etc.

Does FIL sound right for you? Fill out the initial inquiry form

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